Friday, December 6, 2013

Everyone has bad hair days, but fortunately, if you know a few simple tips, you don’t have to let them get you down. The number one tip for those days when you’re just not loving your hair is to accentuate the positive. Many people, when they’re feeling bad about their hair, will just throw on frumpy clothes and call the day a dud before it’s even started; the right answer though is to do something simple with your hair, like putting it into a quick ponytail or tying it back with a stylish scarf, and then to take the focus off of your hair by doing something new, different, or eye-catching; a bad hair day is the perfect time to try something different with your makeup; dramatic makeup or even something like a new lip color can make it so that everyone’s too busy checking out your sassy new style.

Remember, too, that bad hair days or any days when you’re not feeling your best are the perfect days to treat yourself. Why not feel more youthful and vivacious with a microdermabrasion procedure or smooth out your look with a good waxing session? Treating yourself and feeling good in your own skin are important, and fortunately, Studio Urban Wax of Denver is always there to help you feel (and look!) your very best.

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