Friday, May 10, 2013

The Best Lipstick Colors to Complement Your Denver Body Waxing

Let’s be honest—Denver body waxing isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Though the results are generally pretty fantastic and you’d be hard pressed to find a quicker or longer-lasting solution to unwanted hair, the actual hair removal process itself can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of having Denver body waxing done, especially if you wax sensitive areas like the upper lip, then you’ll want to make it worth your while by looking your best in other ways.

An easy way to celebrate a newly waxed upper lip or other area is by splurging on a new lipstick. Lipsticks come in so many great colors and have a way of transforming your entire face and look. How do you know which lipstick is right for you though? The secret usually lies in the tone of your skin.  If you have a pale, fair-skinned look, stick to pinkish reds or dark reds to set off the beauty of your complexion. Those who tan or who are naturally a little darker than the average person can pull off rich reddish purples, all shades of pink, and dusty reddish brown colors. Those with very dark skin tones tend to look best in burgundy or brown shades, and remember that any color lipstick can easily be set off with a nice dab of lip gloss for extra shine and sparkle.

Though these are the general “rules” for choosing lipstick, keep in mind that it’s okay to experiment a little. If you find a shade that you like, go ahead and buy it, even if it’s not on the “approved” color list for your skin tone. You might be one of the rare few who are able to rock something a little different.

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